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Discover the power of online convenience as you receive top-notch market prices for your cherished coin collection through a seamless and hassle-free appraisal process, right from the comfort of your own home.

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Our journey of leading the Market

MV Coins was founded by visionary individuals who left successful positions in established coin companies, fueled by their desire to transform the selling process for coin collectors. Having observed coin shops offering a meager 40% of the market value for collections, the founders, who were also passionate collectors, were resolute in their mission to provide a seamless and transparent appraisal experience for all. With authorized membership in respected organizations dedicated to rare coin collecting, MV Coins guarantees credibility and instills trust in their exceptional services.

Empowering Collectors, Elevating Coin Sales.

MV Coins was established by founders who departed illustrious careers in traditional coin companies, driven by their vision to revolutionize the way collectors sell their coins. Witnessing coin shops paying a mere 40% of the market value for collections, the founders, being collectors themselves, were determined to provide an effortless and transparent appraisal experience for everyone. As an authorized member of esteemed rare coin collecting organizations, MV Coins ensures credibility and trust in their services.

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