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Mountain View US and Foreign Coins: The Bay Area's Trusted Coin Shop

Welcome to Mountain View US and Foreign Coins, your trusted local Coin Dealer proudly serving the vibrant numismatic community of the San Francisco Bay Area, including Mountain View, San Francisco, San Jose, Fremont, and Oakland, and across the Bay Area, for over a decade.

With over 12 years of experience, we specialize in the buying and selling of exceptional rare coins and collections.

We deal in
US and Foreign Coins, as well as Silverware and Foreign Currency. Our expertise allows us to recognize the true value of your coins and offer you the best prices, guaranteed. We understand that every coin holds a unique history and value, and we take the time to ensure you receive top dollar for your treasures.

Whether you’re interested in selling your coins or adding new treasures to your collection, reach out to one of the
Best Coin Stores in the Bay Area today by giving us a call at +1 (415) 952-6467 or simply complete the Coin Appraisal form on our website. Discover the value of your coin collection with us.

San Francisco Bay Area Coin Dealers
Committed to ANA and PCGS Standards

Our owner is a proud member of the American Numismatic Association (ANA) and an authorized dealer for the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS), ensuring the highest standards in coin evaluation and trading. With a broad spectrum of expertise, we specialize in a wide range of valuable items including Proof Sets, Silver Dollars, Silver Eagles, Foreign Coins, Mexican Coins, Vacation Money, Foreign Bills, Blue Whitman Coin Albums, American Silver Eagles, Gold Jewelry, Silverware, Old Quarters, and Medals and Tokens. This comprehensive knowledge allows us to provide thorough and accurate assessments of your unique collections, whether they consist of rare coins, precious metals, or historical currency.

US and Foreign Coins

As experienced coin dealers in the Bay Area, we specialize in purchasing US and foreign coins. Our coin shop is always interested in acquiring rare coins, proof sets, and circulated currency. Whether you have a single valuable piece or an entire collection, our knowledgeable numismatists are ready to evaluate your coins. We buy silver dollars, gold coins, commemorative issues, and more. Our coin store welcomes collections of all sizes, from individual rarities to extensive estates.


We’re eager to buy your silverware, extending our expertise beyond coins. Our team appreciates the value of sterling silver flatware, hollowware, and decorative pieces. We offer fair assessments of your silver items based on their weight, purity, age, and craftsmanship. If you have antique silver services or modern sterling pieces you’re looking to part with, we provide competitive offers and honest evaluations.

Foreign Currency

We offer currency exchange services and are always interested in buying foreign bills and coins. If you have leftover vacation money or outdated foreign currency, bring it to our store. We purchase a wide range of current and obsolete foreign banknotes, making us a go-to destination for travelers and collectors. Our extensive knowledge of exchange rates and currency valuation ensures you receive fair prices for your foreign money. Whether you’re looking to convert currency or sell your international notes and coins, our coin dealers are here to assist you.

At our Bay Area coin store, we’re committed to providing expert service across all these areas. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or someone who’s stumbled upon an interesting coin or currency, we’re here to assess and potentially purchase your numismatic items.

Maximize the Value of Your Coin Collection - Get the Payout It Deserves!

Selling coins can often be a frustrating experience, leaving you with uncertainty and confusion about what you really have. At Mountain View US and Foreign Coins, we understand these challenges. As fellow coin collectors, we believe that everyone should be able to experience an easy and transparent appraisal process.

Our commitment goes beyond just offering industry-leading prices. We take the extra steps to authenticate, assess, and assign approximate grades to each of your items.

As your trusted local coin dealers, we prioritize education and transparency throughout the evaluation process. Our expert numismatists take the time to explain the factors that influence your coins’ value, from rarity and condition to historical significance. We believe an informed client is a satisfied client, which is why we ensure you understand the true worth of your collection before making any decisions. Our personalized service and attention to detail set us apart in the coin-dealing community.

We provide complimentary written appraisals, enabling you to compare our offers with other dealers. Our commitment to transparency ensures clear and honest pricing information.

Coin Appraisal for the San Francisco Bay Area Made Easy

The 3-Step Clear Appraisal Plan

Document Your Collection: Photos or Inventory Listing

We believe in making coin appraisal an inclusive and transparent experience. Our three-step process begins with actively involving you in the assessment of your coin collection.

Unlike the traditional appraisal approach, where sellers often passively place their coins on a counter and entrust a buyer to determine their value, we invite you to be an integral part of the journey. 

Document your coin collection in one of two ways – through clear and comprehensive photos or by creating an inventory listing. For expert advice on capturing high-quality coin photos, take advantage of our detailed photo guide.

Receive Appraisal and Accept Offer

Our team of Experienced Numismatists and Coin Experts in the Bay Area will meticulously assess your documented coin collection. We don't just provide you with a number; we offer a dependable appraisal that accurately reflects the genuine value of your coins. Our appraisal documentation is widely recognized and accepted by insurance companies, legal proceedings, and various other organizations and entities.

Furthermore, our commitment to the highest ethical and professional standards ensures that you receive an appraisal you can trust. We adhere to strict industry guidelines and are dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the numismatic field. Rest assured, our written appraisal is 100% free and free of pressure.

Sell your coins with ease

Experience hassle-free coin selling with our flexible options. Whether you prefer the convenience of in-person meetings at your location or a scheduled appointment at our Bay Area Coin Shop in Mountain View, CA, we accommodate your choice. Your satisfaction is our priority, ensuring a smooth and personalized selling process for your valuable coins.

Empowering Collectors, Elevating Coin Sales

The founders of Mountain View US and Foreign Coins left prestigious roles in conventional coin companies, driven by their desire to improve how collectors can sell their coins. They observed that coin shops sometimes pay as little as 40% of market value for collections and may lack expertise in evaluating niche or foreign coins. Now, as collectors themselves, the team at Mountain View US and Foreign Coins is dedicated to providing a simple and transparent appraisal experience for everyone.

Our goal is to ensure that you receive the highest value for your valuable coin collections. Mountain View US and Foreign Coins is an authorized member of well-regarded rare coin collecting organizations, highlighting our commitment to trust and credibility in our services.

Check out our Coin Collection

Mountain View US and Foreign Coins is your trusted destination to buy coins and enrich your collection. Our extensive inventory features a wide array of coins. Whether you're interested in classic American coins, rare foreign currency, or any specific numismatic category, we have the expertise and resources to cater to your needs.

Our Happy Clients

"See What Our Satisfied Customers Have to Say About Our Coin Appraisal Services."

Amy H. South San Francisco, CA

We found a large number of coins as we cleaned out the belongings of elderly parents. We decided to sell them - we had two bankers boxes of 'collection' coins and really had no idea how to go about this. David worked with us. We helped the process a lot by having printed lists of everything we were selling which allows them to do the appraisal in advance. Appraisal seemed fair so next step was David came to our house where he verified the coins and paid us in cash. Entire transaction was super smooth. Would recommend this service to anyone.

Matti M. from San Jose, CA coin appraisal review
Matti M. San Jose, CA

I sold today my modest coin and bill collection to David at Mountain View US and Foreign Coins. He was very effective reviewing the really random set of foreign money and I feel that I got an honest appraisal and a fair deal. I can highly recommend this business!

J T review for mountain view US and Foreign Coins
J. T. San Jose, CA

David is a super friendly, knowledgeable, and a resourceful guy. I learned a lot about coins from him and, he is VERY fair and reasonable Re: Pricing. I highly recommend this website and, if youre local, meeting in person and buying and selling your coins from David is easy to do...I have more coins to sell and want to buy a few, see you soon!! JT

Shao-Fang W. San Jose, CA

I am very impressed with the service provided by David. He responds to my messages promptly and is willing to pick up my items. He is willing to evaluate my items even when Im uncertain about selling them. He is understanding and supportive of my decisions even when I eventually choose not to sell some of them. I will continue to work with him whenever I have new items to sell. Highly recommended!!


Central Bay Area Coin Shop: Easy Access in Mountain View, CA

We are conveniently located at 200 E Dana St, Mountain View, CA 94041, in close proximity to Dana Garden in Mountain View. Our location makes us easily accessible to coin enthusiasts and collectors throughout the Bay Area.

To reach 'Mountain View US and Foreign Coins' from the Mountain View Caltrain Station, exit the station and head west on W Evelyn Ave. Take a right onto Franklin St and then a left onto Villa St. Continue straight on Villa St as it turns into Dana St. After a short drive, you'll find us on your right at 200 E Dana St. Please call us prior to your visit.

While our physical store is in Mountain View, our services extend across the entire Bay Area. Whether you're in San Francisco, San Jose, Oakland, Fremont, or Stockton, CA, we're here to serve your numismatic needs. Our central location allows us to cater to coin collectors and enthusiasts from all corners of the Bay Area.

Our commitment to serving the broader Bay Area community means we're always ready to assist you, whether you're able to visit our Mountain View location or need remote services. We pride ourselves on being the go-to coin shop for the entire Bay Area, combining the personal touch of a local business with the expertise to serve a wide region.

Get An Appraisal Today!

Appraisals are in-person or online.

We combine a deep knowledge of numismatics with a commitment to fairness and transparency, ensuring that you receive a comprehensive and accurate assessment of your collection's value.

Please call or text us to book an appointment time for your visit.

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(415) 952-6467

200 E Dana St, Mountain View CA 94041

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Think you’re onto something big with your collection?
Let’s talk…

(415) 952-6467

200 E Dana St, Mountain View CA 94041

Frequently Asked Questions

We purchase a wide range of coins, including rare and collectible U.S. coins, as well as foreign coins, such as ancient and collectible coins.

1. Capture Images: Begin by taking clear photos of your coins.

2. Submit Images: Share your coin photos with us either by email or by completing our appraisal request form.

3. Receive Appraisal: Once we receive your images, our experts will appraise your coins and provide you with an offer.

4. Accept Offer: If you're satisfied with the offer, simply accept it to proceed with the sale.

5. Shipping: After accepting the offer, securely package your coins and follow our shipping instructions to send them to us.

6. Get Paid: Once we receive and verify your coins, we will promptly process your payment.

No, it's usually best to leave coins in their original condition. Cleaning can reduce their value. We can provide guidance if needed.

We have experts who assess the value based on factors like rarity, condition, historical significance, and market demand.

Yes, we welcome in-person visits for appraisals at our store 200 E Dana St, Mountain View CA 94041. Please contact us in advance to schedule an appointment. Our experts will be happy to evaluate your coins and provide you with a fair assessment.

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